Type: Restaurant, International food
English menu: Yes
Average price: 45-60 NIS
Address: 2 Nachalat Binyamin
Delivery: *5690 (Extension 1)

Agadir Burger is, together with Moses, the most popular burger diners.
We must say in line with the circulating rumour, they really have one of the best burgers in town. The beef is juicy and has the right texture.
A downside of Agadir's burger is that you have to order (and pay for) the side dishes seperately, like the fries and the salad, which adds to the bill. The fries aren't very special, just normal 'McDonald's' fries and we almost tend to recommend not to order the fries, but is a burger meal really complete without any?

Except burgers, they also have various appetizers, sandwiches, sausages and schnitzel. But we have only tried the chili sauce home fries.

How to get there
Nachalat Binyamin 2 is on the beginning of the pedestrian st., in the intersection of King George and Allenby.

Click here to view Agadir's location on the map

* Detail: Agadir's website has a cool gimmick: on its background are videos of people eating at the restaurant and at home. Take a look at:

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