Buddha Burgers

Type: Organic, Vegan
English menu: Yes
Average price: 30 NIS
Address: 21 Yehuda Halevi st. (restaurant), 86 Iben Gvirol (eatery)

Buddha Burgers is unique concept leading a new vegan eating culture in Tel Aviv. Their menu has ingredients that you probably have never heard of, such as seitan (wheat gluten), okara (soy beans, side product of soy milk), and all the other vegan ingredients like tofu and the myriad sprouts, vegetables, nuts and legumes. All organic.

They offer an alternative for meat dishes like burgers, tortilla and sushi, and also have pastas, DIY salads, pizzas and sandwiches and dozens of healthy drinks. The food there is good and worth a try, especially if you haven't eaten sophisticated vegan food in your life before. We recommend on the Classic Buddha Burger dish, Portobello burrito and the DIY salads which can be topped with many kinds of special dressings.

Needless to say that the employees there are all friendly hippie new-age health freaks - Which influences the service speed a little bit, especially during peek hours. Try to avoid going there on Fridays if you are short on time.

How to get there
Iben Gvirol branch is in front of the Rabin square.
To the restaurant on Yehuda Halevi st., you need to turn from Rothschild blvd left to Hertzel st. (when facing south), and then the second street you cross is Yehuda Halevi and the restaurant is there. You can take bus no. 5 and go down at Mikve Yisrael, then go back and the big street you see is Yehuda Halevi. From there it's about 5-10 minutes walk.

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