Cafe Birnbaum

Type: Restaurant, Vegetarian
English menu: No
Average price: 45 NIS
Address: 31 Nachalat Binyamin
Open: Sunday to Friday, from early in the morning until afternoon

Cafe Birnbaum is heaven on earth for vegetarians. The concept of this place, which is running for around 40 years now, is a salad buffet - not normal salad of green leaves - but special home made salads made from countless ingredients like tabouleh, noodles, whole grain rice, leek, quinoa, soy, beans, wakame and a lot more. Some of them are warm and some are cold, you can also add sweet pastries or a slice of quiche to the meal. Everyday there are dozens of fresh salads and they are all fantastic!

Only a small number of salads has fish, so you can ask the friendly ladies to help you out if you want to avoid it.

You pay fixed price for a plate which can be refilled for free. There's one basic rule which says that you cannot share your meal with anyone else, otherwise you will have to pay double.

How to get there
To get to Nachalat Binyamin street, you can go all the way the Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian street, which is located on the intersection of Allenby with King George. The continuation of the pedestrian street in Nachalat Binyamin st.

* Tip: it's 10 NIS cheaper to do a take out than to eat there. You can scoop as much as you want, as long as everything fits into the aluminium container. And then of course you can share it with no problem.

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