Type: Sandwich, Local eatery
English menu: No need
Average price: 20 NIS
Address: 53 King George st.

You can easily pass this small sandwich place without even having noticing it. Hertzel - the owner - renovated to a modern look a while ago and has a sign hanging outside now, but you'll probably still skip the place if you don't know about it.

Don't be misled by the appearence. Hertzel sells good home made sandwhices, made according to your wish. It varies from cold cuts, yellow cheeses, cream cheeses, white cheeses, eggplant salad to homemade omelet with vegetables. Hertzel isn't stingy on you with the ingredients, so you can count on it that you'll get a stuffed and filling sandwich.

The 'backyard' is being used as the seats of the house, mind that it's not very luxurious but it's clean and good enough to sit and relax.

How to get there
It's just outside the exit of west side of Dizengoff center on King George. Go 20 meters right towards Bugrashov st. and you'll find it.

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