Israeli Pizza - Agvania and Tony Vespa

Tel Aviv has good local pizzas. We picked two special pizza chains in Tel Aviv.

Pizza Agvania
This means "tomato pizza" in Hebrew. This chain is known for their thin pizza, topped with different vegetables and tomato sauce. It's quite yummy and worth a shot (one slice is around 13-15 NIS).

1) Sheinkin street (Sheinkin is next to the intersection of King George and Allenby)
2) Dizengoff Center (one of the top floors, next to the path between the two parts of the mall)
3) Azrieli center
4) Down on the left next to the Dizengoff Square, if you're heading towards the beach
5) 88 Iben Gvirol (in front of London Ministore)

Tony Vespa
Tony Vespa pizzas are long and rectangular shaped pizzas. You choose the size of the slice you want and pay according to the weight (it's a about 20 NIS for a satisfying slice). This way you can try many different toppings on your slice - vegetarian, cheeses, coldcuts, bacon and etc. Some pizzas are tasty but some of them lack the edgy bite. We recommend on the vegi mushroom pizza with toppings like vegetables and arugula, or the cheesy pizza. This place open until late in the night and Israelis like to go there after a night of clubbing.
1) 140 Rothschild Blvd (across to Habima theater)
2) 267 Dizengoff st. (northern part of Dizengoff)

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