La Goffre

Type: Cafe-Restaurant, Waffles
English menu: Yes
Average price: 30-45 NIS
Address: 84 Iben Gvirol

Craving for something sweet but lasting? Go to La Goffre for an amazing Belgian waffle (the word is derived from the word 'gauffre' which means "waffle" in French). You can add as much ingredients as you want (and pay for it too) on top of the already great tasting waffle. They have toppings like voluptuous butterscotch, delicious chocolate (white, milk, dark), cream, vanilla ice cream, sweetened pecan nuts (very much recommended), chocolate sauce, cream cheese, halva, ice cream and etc.

You can literally go bananas with the toppings, but it is recommended to take it easy - less is more. The best combination is the nutella spread, bananas, pecan nuts, melted white chocolate sprinkles and a scoop of ice cream.

Before the waffle, you can pick one of their savory dishes, of which the quiches are quite good. But this waffle is so amazingly good that you might want to order a second one even before you finished the first... but instead of getting yourself nauseous, just come back some other day. Maybe on the last day before your flight from Tel Aviv.

How to get there
On Iben Gvirol next to Rabin square.

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