Grilled chicken of Shimon

Type: Chicken rotiserrie
English Menu: No
Average price: 25-30 NIS
Address: 6 Tchernichovsky st.

Shimon and his family have been selling grilled chicken for decades and guess what - they're really good at it! This local eatery is easy to miss if you don't know any 'insiders' to introduce you to their specialty: perfectly gourmet grilled chicken. That is, in other words, simply crispy on the outside and juicy inside. You can't imagine how good it can is and you will want to come back soon right after eating here.

A whole chicken - for take-out only and enough for 3 people (48 NIS per kg). If you decide to eat there, you can either order a quarter (26 NIS) or half chicken (35 NIS), served with amazingly greasy and crispy chips (just the way we like it).

How to get there
Walking on King George toward south, you can take right in Bet Lehem st. (where the Bezalel market is - it's one turn right before Allenby).

Click here to view Shimon's location on the map

* Detail: For the best experience, prepare for getting your hands dirty.

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