Type: Italian Restaurant
English Menu: Yes
Average price: 60-70 NIS
Address: 71 Rothschild st.
Tel. number: 03-6205051

Cantina ('winery' in Italian) blends in perfectly with the liveliness of Rothschild Boulevard. The balcony of the restaurant is by far more crowded and laid back than the indoor more pretentious atmosphere. But who want to miss all the action on Rothschild and sit inside?! Anyway, it's very much recommended to make reservations beforehand because is popular as hell.

Cantina restaurant's menu offers mainly pasta, but they also have a couple of pizzas. Some meat and seafood dishes. They also have some small salads side dishes.
In general, the food is good but it was absolutely NOT what we expected considering the popularity, price and design of the place. Anyway, we did enjoy the spicey spaghetti with mullet filet - Delizioso! A second runner up would be the tagliatelle with asparagus and shrimps. We also tried the portobello with penne, but it didn't rock our world. In short, Cantina is a great one time experience especially if you are in the neighbourhood or if you want to impress your date. But for the better and more affordable Italian food, we are sticking to Pappa's.

How to get there
Go on Rothschild towards south. It is next to Mazeh st.

1 comment:

  1. Racist, aggressive and rude!
    On arriving to the restaurant we were told that our reservation meant nothing and we would have to wait for half an hour. On asking why they did not call to inform us they were running late we were told that only French people cause problems and are disgusting! As a non-French person with a French fiance i was utterly dismayed by the blatant racism expressed.
    I would never recommend for any person to enter this restaurant.