Philippe Pizza

Type: French Pizza
English Menu: Yes
Average price: 47 NIS small pizza/ 76 NIS big pizza
Address: 20 Carlebach st. (next to Iben Gvirol)
Tel. number: 03-5100904

Philippe Pizzeria is a new concept of gourmet pizza parlour, beautifully designed and well located in the Carlebach, Laskov and Ibn Gvirol st. area, near the bars and night clubs. Philippe's pizza menu, which is labeled as "French" has 2 dozens kind of pizzas (including specials written on the chalkboard behind the counter) which are topped with different ingredients, ranging from vegs, cheeses, to pork, beef, mutton, goose and fish, including salmon. The innovative idea behind Philippe Pizza is - it's all charcoal grilled pizza (and as a an evidence you can see the stumps along the wall which are being used by guests for short reviews).
We took the Moussaka pizza, which is topped with a great beef and mutton layer, and served with an eggplant and rocket salad on it (inspired by the Moussaka from the Balkan). The second one we took was the Oriental pizza, which is supposed to have a spicy flavor, with Merguez sausages. This one was a bit disappointing and too regular, but still good.

How to get there
To reach Philippe Pizza you'll have to walk to the beginning of Iben Gvirol st., where it intersects with Carlebach and Laskov.

Click here to view location on the map and walking directions from Dizengoff st. 


  1. Thank you! see,s to expensive...

  2. really one of the best pizzas in Tel Aviv.

    Prices are in line with quality so value for money is good

  3. Phillipe is the best pizza in Israel and better than Serafina in NYC. Sometimes I order delivery twice or three times a week. I once sat there for lunch and enjoyed the attention from the owner and the freshness of the food. It is expensive compared to falafel joints, but not compared to gourmet pizzas with best imported cheeses (Gorgonzola included), exotic mushrooms, and any type of cold cuts you can imagine (ham, prosciutto, pepperoni etc). The word about it travels around... I am so glad the Cacao cakes closed and Phillipe opened instead.

  4. Just had pizza there yesterday and while I'm usually unsatisfied with most pizzas in restaurants, this was surprisingly good, with a real fresh taste and nice solid variety. Philippe was the one who cooked them and after a little talk, you can sense this guy pours a lot of heart into it. Yes, it's not cheap, by any means, but making pizza the right way, with top quality ingredients and top quality cheese is not a cheap thing to do. Just go out there and check how much real mozzarella cheese costs. Most pizza joints don't even use real cheese and you're still paying 15 shekels for a slice. Phillipe, is probably one of the best pizza you'll get in Tel Aviv right now.

  5. I live right by this restaurant and while I am not the biggest fan of pizza I eat in phillipe ver often! For me it is the best pizza place in Tel Aviv. It is not cheap but the quality, freshness and taste are worth this money!

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  7. Philipe is a very dishonest person. I got charged on my card for another amount and it's been 2 days trying to solve this out and the owner simply don't care and he doesn't agree to give me the money back. I have to solve it my self with the credit card company. Makes me wonder what kind of business man Philipe is and I wonder is this is how he makes money... ripping off clients??? SHAME ON THEM. Don't recommend this place at all!!