Cafe Batia

Type: Restaurant, Jewish East-European
English Menu: Yes
Average price: 50-60 NIS
Address: 95 Hashmonaim st.

Although name makes you think it's a coffee house, Cafe Batia is actually a restaurant serving typical homemade East European Jewish food - Knedelach, Chulent, Gefiltefish and chopped chicken liver (spread), the kind of food you eat on holidays, quite similiar to Keton. Cafe Batia is one of the oldest Jewish restaurants in Tel Aviv and its history can be traced by the pictures on the walls, telling the story of Tel Aviv. The atmosphere is a bit rustic but the people working there are very friendly. 

Our recommendation - the goose leg. It's so good! Well in the pic it might not look that appetizing, but once you've tried the meat with the sweet-savoury-orange sauce, you will crave for more. You get two side dishes of your choice with the every main dish: buckwheat, rice, stewed vegetables and etc. If you want to eat something lighter, try the knedelach soup. It's chicken broth with 2 freshly made matze balls, usually eaten with Passover.

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