Tipico Grilled Chicken

Type: Chicken rotisserie 
English Menu: No
Average price: 25-35 NIS
Address: 1 Nahalat Benyamin st.

We raved about Shimon chicken before, completely convinced that they are the only good rotisserie in Tel Aviv. Don't get us wrong, we still think Shimon's chicken is delicious, but they have a solid competition couple of blocks away: Tipico chicken!

It's a bit more expensive than Shimon's, but it's not the same: Tipico uses a more flavorsome spice rub that contains paprika and coriander seeds. And because of the way Tipico grills the chicken, it's less greasy than Shimon's and a bit more delicate. 

Tipico's potato wedges are great as well, and are baked with the grease and juices of the chicken. 

How to get there
Nachalat Binyamin 1 is on the beginning of the pedestrian st., in the intersection of King George and Allenby, right across Agadir.

Click here to view Tipico's location on the map

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