We are two adventurous Tel Avivians who like (of course) to eat out, especially in the local and special places which Israel, and especially Tel Aviv, have to offer. And indeed in this small city there are so many places and flavors! We happily came with the idea in mid 2009 to create this Tel Aviv food guide blog in which we share our culinary experiences with foreigners who live here; and lost tourists who would like to taste the unique niches of the Israeli cuisine (old Chinese saying: travelling ain't complete without good food). And of course, everybody else is welcome to follow our blog :-).

For the sake of budget tourists, we reviewed many affordable restaurants and eateries. Also, the 'How to get there' section gives the cheapest way to reach these restaurants (mostly by public transportation). More exclusive and gourmet restaurants can be found in the 'More than 50 NIS' category.

Many friends and readers asked us to add stars ratings to our restaurant reviews. We would like to note that we only recommend on places which we believe are worth going to, and we don't compromise on your (and our) taste buds! So, if you like, each post has 5 stars and a smile from us. 

We did stumble upon very disappointing restaurants and eateries, and some of them we put in the "Not Recommended" page. We pondered a lot on adding this page or not (after all it's different strokes for different folks), but we have a culinary obligation to keep you away from pitfalls we fell into.

Feel free to contact us to suggest great new restaurants and quick eats in Tel Aviv, or just to chat: hungryinTA@gmail.com