Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Many people ask us about the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. This is a hard question to answer! We believe that in order for a place to be considered as the best, it has to relate to the local specialties. It will be 'tasteless' to point out an Italian place as one of them, for instance.

We go out and hunt for the best restaurants in Tel Aviv and added so far ten these in the Top 10 category. Ten restaurants which we believe are all worth going to, if you are looking for a culinary experience in Tel Aviv. We try to cover the manifold tastes and flavors this city has to offer, as served by local restaurants and by some more poshy ones. In the Top 10 restaurant list you will also find a Thai and an Italian restaurants. We found these restaurants special by themselves, and not just being the best Italian among other Italian restaurants, for example.

Another great category to find good restaurants and local taste is in the East European Food category. Although not considered the best restaurants in our blog, these restaurants (Keton, Café Batia and Elimelech) are quite unique among other eateries in Tel Aviv.

And what about the vegetarians? Don’t worry! There are some extremely good vegetarian restaurants in Tel Aviv (such as Cafe Birnbaum - heaven on earth for vegetarians). In the Vegetarian category you will find the other restaurants which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Another great food experience will be at the fish restaurants in Jaffa. The food at these restaurants is amazingly delicious and one of its kind all over the Mediterranean. In these restaurants you get a whole meal set of appetizers and mezes, served with the fresh fish or seafood dish. Go to the Seafood category to find the two best fish and seafood restaurants (Abdu Hadayag, Rauf et Atina) in Jaffa. In this category you will also find a more  modern and fusion seafood restaurant, the popular Goocha in Tel Aviv.

We hope that we've helped you in your search for the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. If you stumble upon one which we forgot – please don’t hesitate to tell us. We are always into some new food adventures!