Taxi in Tel Aviv

Here below you will find some useful information about taxi rides in Tel Aviv city, and from/to the Ben Gurion airport.

Israeli Cabs - Cabs in Israel are private cars (not the bigger red ones, which are shared route cars) with a yellow lamp with "TAXI" caption on it. Some of them also have flags, which means they belong to a certain taxi company. We would recommend to take those with the flag, especially with long distance rides, as they are more reliable. Recommended company in Tel Aviv is the "Shekem"  (TEL: 03-5270404). Like most stations they are working 24/7. For Calling a taxi you'll pay a surcharge of 4.50 NIS.

Taxi In The City - Tel Aviv is full of cabs and is very easy to catch one almost 24/7, especially in the city center. Also, in comparison to Europe, taxis are much cheaper. The flag price is currently on 11.10 NIS (not 40 NIS like in Europe). A trip from the Dizengoff center to the central train station, for example, will cost around 25 NIS. On midweek from 21:00 to 05:30, Fridays from the afternoon, Saturdays and on holidays, the price meter ticks faster - it switches automatically from "taarif 1" to the more expensive "taarif 2" - you'll see a digit on the meter noting 1 or 2. Difference is about 20%-25%. We recommend always to ask for a running meter when taking a cab ride inside the city - Taxi drivers, as everywhere around the globe, like to fool helpless tourists by offering a price without using the meter. To ask for the meter, as for "Mone" - sounds like the surname of the famous impressionist french painter Claude Monet. At the end of the ride, take the receipt with you just in case (receipt sounds like "Kabalah" - like Madonna's newest obsession).

Note that for 3 peoples or more in the taxi, you'll pay a surcharge of 4.30 NIS.

Long Rides - Taxi from/to the airport - On the contrary, when you go for long rides like to the airport, we do recommend on taking the price you agreed on before the ride to avoid paying for traffic jams (so do not to use a running meter). This is very common and taxi drivers usually offer the price themselves from a brochure they keep in their cars. It's better to agree on the price in advance with the Taxi station coordinator by phone to prevent a rip off. You can make a reservation for taxi an evening before your flight (reservation is free). In general it will cost you around 110 NIS on normal hours, 130 NIS on taarif 2 hours (luggage surcharge - 3.60 NIS). Also, the taxi driver might ask you to pay 5 NIS fee he pays in the airport.

Yet, it's cheaper and faster to go to the airport by train. In this case take the cab only to the train station - and same goes for after landing in Tel Aviv. You can check the train schedule here (remember that on Sabbath there are no trains). "Tel Aviv Center Savidor" station is the nearest to the city center. Pay attention for Tel Aviv's most unreliable taxi drivers who will wait for you near the exit of the train station. Go further to the main street after the parking lot and catch a taxi there.

Have a nice ride!