July 14, 2009

Abu Hassan Hummus

Type: Hummus, Middle Eastern food
English menu: No
Average price: 17 NIS
Address: Victor Hugo st., next to Yehuda Hayamit in Jaffa

You'll have to travel a short distance to reach this bustling local hummus place, which is located in the beautiful Jaffa/ Yafo. It's a known old family business which has always been a symbol of co-existence of Jews and Arabs.

Abu Hassan's hummus is absolutely by far THE BEST hummus you will eat. The taste and texture are perfect, and you can really taste an original chickpea flavor in it. No one knows what the secret recipe is, but it has to do with the amount of garlic, lemon and olive oil which are measured perfectly. We recommend on the Hummus Masabcha, which is the hummus with a special hot mixture, a bit spicy one. Abu Hasan also serves hummus with ful (broad beans), fries, falafel and salad.

At Fridays lunchtime (12:00-13:30), it is so busy that you are urged to finish the hummus faster in order to let other people sit. That's the time you should get there if you want to watch how the kitchen copes in peek hours (and you won't miss the family's loudness at this place then). For a more relaxing lunch, come in the mid week.

If you have been to Abu-Hassan, it's a good opportunity to try the nearby malabi place for dessert.
Open: Sun-Fri until 14:30.

How to get there
Take bus 25 and go down at Jerusalem Blvd. ("Shderot Yerushalayim") at "Yehuda Hayamit" station. Walk back couple of meters and take left to Yehuda Hayamit, and then another left to Victor Hugo st. Or just ask where Abu Hassan Hummus is and they will all know.

If you are coming from Tel Aviv's hotels area you can have a walk on the promenade all the way to Yafo (30-40 min).

* Detail: People from the Kurd-Iraqi region are severly allergic to ful and they are not allowed to eat it.

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