September 22, 2010

Abdu Hadayag

Type: Fish restaurant
English Menu: No
Average price: 70-80 NIS
Address: 37 Yefet st., Jaffa
Tel. number: 03-5182595

It seems almost impossible that among dozens fish restaurants in Jaffa you will still be able to find uniqueness and difference. Well, Abdu Hadayag ("Abdu the Fisherman") is one of them, as it stands out with their fresh home made mezes appetizers and good quality fresh fish. Actually, before Abdu established the restaurant, he was a fishmonger for restaurants, so let's say he knows good fish.

Like at other fish restaurants in Jaffa, the mezes are included in a main dish set - fish, seafood or chicken (yes, we know...., but some people want to eat chicken at a fish place!) - and can be refilled all the time. If you don't order a main dish, you pay 30 NIS for the mezes.
We took a Barramundi and Sea Bream (each 80 NIS), fried and grilled, as the waitress recommended. Both were great choices, but the Barramundi was tastier.

You can also choose just fried or grilled (although the latter is less recommended). The salads as we noted above were extremely tasty and fresh, we also liked the grilled pita with zaatar which came with it.

Some people will like Abdu Hadayag more than other fish restaurants in Jaffa (although others like Rauf et Atina aren't less good). It's totally air conditioned, cleaner and more friendly. It's recommended to make reservations during lunch time and always make reservations for the evenings (weekends especially).

How to get there
Take bus 25 and go down at Jerusalem Blvd. ("Shderot Yerushalayim") at "Yehuda Hayamit" station. Walk back couple of meters and take left to Yehuda Hayamit. Go straight and take right on Yefet st., keep on going straight, it will be on your right.

Click here to view location and walking directions from bus no. 25 station. 

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